Welcome to Sunny and the Elk
sunnyandtheelk.org was created to share Sonja's (aka Sunny) research experience with the public. Until Sunny officially begins publishing her research on this website you can read her story at the Kickstarter campaign and by checking in with her on Twitter.

Giant thanks to all of our amazing supporters! The Kickstarter Campaign was successful and Sunny is on her way! 
  • After a nice long break Sunny is ready to get back to work. On the horizon: A trip to The Field Museum in Chicago to learn more and continue to search for a permanent home for The Elk!
  • The team headed to Washington, D.C. to research at the Smithsonian National Museum of Nature History --Sunny researched and learned about the Extinct Eastern Elk right alongside other Mammalogists (how cool is that?!)
  • Did you know that the Associated Press picked up Sunny's story? It made it all over the United States! People have sent us links from all over and even a few people sent us news clippings! 
  • Have a question for Sunny? Want to get in touch? Send her an email
Yes, you can still help fund Sunny and the Elk. All funds raised will be used for scientific research and educational outreach --we're currently planning trips to more museums to do more research! Use the very secure and simple Paypal website to make donations to Sunny and The Elk. And then follow Sunny's progress, here at sunnyandtheelk.org